Fear and Loneliness

Fear Fear like love takes many forms. The fear of doing something new, the fear of losing someone, the fear of making a mistake – they are all different. There are imagined fears and real ones. Neither is any less severe or scary. This blog started as a way of testing my writing skills and … Continue reading


Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a ‘Shhh’ button? One that ‘Shhh’ed all the shit. Particularly the shaking. After a few good days, it’s back. I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain and been kicked back down. I promised myself I wouldn’t be fooled and get too carried away, but it’s happened anyway. … Continue reading

Forward Thinking

Part 1: Mind vs. Matter I have spent the past week contemplating how much of our perceptions and reactions to experiences are shaped by our mind (all previous experiences/lessons learnt/strength of person) vs. simple biological matter (chemical imbalances). While looking for answers to help me move forward and to shape my future, both seem valid … Continue reading