As I reach 3-months off coming all medication, my body & mind are slowly starting to settle. There has however been a mix of emotions plaguing me as my mind learns to cope with the influx of pure, raw thoughts and feelings. One of those that I didn’t expect is homesickness. For the first time … Continue reading


Over the past few years I have been learning more and more about how our brains work believing that if I understood what was happening in my mind then I would be able to learn how to manage my mind better.  More recently I have been learning about the chimp and the human, the old … Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Action

I am currently ‘playing’ the biggest role of my life: the competent, multitasking Marketeer! It’s one of the hardest roles I’ve ever had to play. Why is it so hard? It’s the effort. The continual minute by minute thought process about ‘What should I be doing now?’  ‘What happens next?’  ‘What did I used to … Continue reading