When ‘New’ becomes ‘Old’

When I started this in Dec/Jan, one question I wanted to get my head around, is when does ‘new’ become ‘old’.  From my first post, I believed that I was motivated enough to write just because it was a new venture, but obviously I’ve now reflected that was foolish.  But the thought crossed my mind that maybe I didn’t write because the blog became an old idea/thought/dream/desire too quickly; before it even began.  I don’t think that now.  Tonight, I dyed my hair back to dark brown.  Back in Sept, I had my fringe dyed purple for a hair show and continued to dye it varying shades of purple/pink even leaving it to wash out to bleached blonde at one point, but tonight after many mirror debates, I decided that the #new colour was #old.  New becomes old because you decide you want to change.  The pink became old and it’s now followed by another new.  OK, so my hair colour may not be new to me exactly, (I’ve dyed my hair dark for years now!) but it’s new to now and whenever I make a change, however small or grand, it’s a step in a new direction.


Pink No.1 Bleached Blonde Misbehaving Shocking Pink No.2

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