Multiple chances

I noticed that I was on a bus with same woman I had got on the bus with in the morning…how often does that happen?

I met a guy on a bus…what are the chances of bumping into the same guy on the bus months later at a different bus stop despite the friendship ending?

The guy I’m seeing, I met on a train…what are the chances that you’ll meet someone special on a train?  Or more to the point, what are the chances that beyond that first meeting, you will be in the right place in your lives for a relationship and that you want the same things out of life?

All these moments can mean something or nothing, but I like to think that they mean something.

The day I saw the woman twice…I think I needed to be comforted…it was comforting to know this city isn’t as big as you think…to not feel so alone.  The day I bumped into the guy again…I think I needed reminded that he was there for me during a difficult time and I should thank him.  The fact that a chance train ride that was out of routine has now turned into more, meaning that we both must have felt something there that was worth exploring and that something is special – well each moment means something.

Sometimes the most improbable events start the beginning of something very probable – a feeling of hope, the realisation of gratitude for unprecedented support, a feeling of passion and care towards a once stranger.


I wonder had I known the probability of these events occurring and then the probability of the ‘success’ of these events, would I have made different choices?  Could those choices have changed the probability? Like changing fate?

A friend has recently found out her boyfriend was cheating and although he was at fault, she was questioning her character judgment.  Yet if she had known the chance of a long lasting relationship was only 40% say…would that or should have stopped her going for it and enjoying it while it lasted?  They say it’s ‘Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all‘ and I believe that.

With my belief in the ‘beauty of uncertainty’ – I think you should only judge on the merits you are presented with and & follow your heart over your mind.

You have to let chances in and give them a chance to flourish if you are to have any chance of success whether that be in love / work / family.

Definitions of ‘Chance’:


a. The unknown and unpredictable element in happenings that seems to have no assignable cause.
b. A force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen or controlled; luck: Chance will determine the outcome.
2. The likelihood of something happening; possibility or probability. Often used in the plural: Chances are good that you will win. Is there any chance of rain?
3. An accidental or unpredictable event.
4. A favorable set of circumstances; an opportunity: a chance to escape.
5. A risk or hazard; a gamble: took a chance that the ice would hold me.
6. Games A raffle or lottery ticket.
7. Baseball An opportunity to make a putout or an assist that counts as an error if unsuccessful.


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