Great Expectations

The beginning of last year, I had great expectations for the future and felt that it was time to focus on myself.  This blog became part of that journey.

This year; who knows.

The journey my life has taken, has impacted me in a way that I never expected.  And it aint all that great.  The expectations that focusing on myself would achieve and how it would influence my decisions were wrong and instead  my world has been turned upside down.

Upside Down Drop
Upside Down Drop

Going into this year, my confidence was low and has now hit rock bottom.

I could list off all the reasons, hell that’s all I can think about, yet I don’t want this post to be about self pity.

I want to write this to help me.  I need to write this to give me strength and to bring me hope and direction.  You may say that it’s a lot of pressure for one small post…maybe.

Today, I’m leaving this post as is.

With maybe no understanding of how it will fix anything or how anything else can.  But with the small comfort that if I have had the confidence to write for the first time in 5 months, then that’s a good start.

Thank you to everyone who has got me here.  Especially you ‘D’. (You know who you are!)

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2 responses to “Great Expectations”

  1. Yes! And write again. Life will untangle itself again. Just do your best, be kind to yourself, and keep going.

    Excellent blog title by the way 🙂


    1. Thank you Alexia…it’s little things like your message that get me through!


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