Journey to the middle

In the middle
In the middle

During these past few months, my journey has been: enlightening, inspiring, insightful and motivational. All jargon words, but it sums up how my mind has been working through things in a way that I don’t think I really have before. I’ve always been a glass half empty kinda gal, and now, it’s definitely half full! Perspective/perception has got to be the most powerful tool that we as humans have. It can change your world in minutes, change your future course, your mood, temperment and behaviour that can make pretty big waves.

So what’s been happening on my journey?

For a long time, I didn’t know where I was going.  I thought I was striving for ‘happiness’, aiming for a happier life.  But what the hell is that? And where is it?

During the past few months, in my writing silences, my mind has been exploring.  One of the best pieces of advice I have been given is ‘Take life one day at a time’.  So why am I striving for future happiness, that I may or may not find at the ‘end’ when every day is part of my life?

So rather than aiming for this fantastical ideal of happiness, I’ve decided to aim for the middle.

What is the middle? The middle is the balance between your desires and your needs.  

Meet me in the middle
Meet me in the middle

And how do I get there?  By living my journey day by day.

“The journey is more important than the end or the start” – Enth E Nd – Linkin Park 

The line “What you want and what you need can be two different things” has played on my mind since I first heard it probably over 10 years ago now sung by The Honeyz.

So what have I wanted?

Even before this concept of happiness, and for a long time, I have just wanted things to ‘be ok’, for things to make sense, to feel like me again. Well actually, not exactly like the old me though.  A more relaxed, carefree, content and confident me. (That should all help towards finding my happiness right?) What I have now realised is that for this to happen, what I really need to do is to change my perception. Each moment I live is ‘me’ and I need to work with this ‘me’.

I need to listen to my mind, body and soul and to understand my behaviour to help me shift my thinking towards meeting their needs rather than just these desires.

My boss told me to write down the following:

–       What I like

–       What I dislike

–       What makes me feel happy

–       What makes me feel sad

–       What am I good at

–       What could I improve

Using the answers to these questions, I have started to build a picture of my needs. You should try it. This marked the beginning of my journey to the middle.

Now I’m living the in ‘now’ rather than the future, I have rediscovering how lucky I am to have the support of my family, friends and colleagues (who are pretty much like family).  I realise when satisfying my needs, they become a need…I need them because they ground me.

This journey of discovery is my life and for once I am ok with that. I realise that happiness isn’t a destination, it happens. It will happen in a second, in a moment, every day, every year and on every part of the many journeys I will take in my life. It’s just how to choose to perceive each second, moment, day, year, journey that will ultimately make me happy or not.

**The End**

While I was looking for images, I found this website where people can share stories of their journey.  I’ve only just started reading, but thought it was fitting to share!


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