Keeping Warm

It’s rare that I want to write when happy.  But maybe it’s because a happy moment like this is so rare that I want to.

I want to document it, capture it, share it.  Save it for a rainy day, the next down day, the day I need hope that moments of happiest do exist & will exist again just as easily, quickly, unexpectedly as that down moment arrived…such like this happy moment came.

As some of you may know, Autumn is my favourite season and every year without exception it brings me this warm feeling.  A sense of comfort and it’s like a part of me has come home.

And also, every year without fail, I try to understand why this change in weather affects me so extremely…why is it so provocative…influencing my moods and energising my soul.

One new theory is about warmth.  No longer are we chasing the summer sun, but instead Autumn makes us focus our attention on keeping warm.

Not only do I like ‘warming’ activities…sitting by an open fire or times where we deliberately ‘wrap up warm’ to experience the darkness sparkle when watching fireworks (THEY ARE ROMANTIC!!!)…but I’ve also always felt that Autumn brings out the warmth in people’s characters too.

Autumn creates a sensation.

It’s the time I believe we are most grateful for the true rhythm our lives.  No more holidays, no children at home, no more adventures…just the time where we sink into the comfort of our daily lives before the chaos of the next thing: Xmas. In fact, after fireworks, this time I’m describing is almost over. Gone. Making way for the frantic ‘end of year’ celebrations. *sigh*

Keeping Warm
Keeping Warm

So why today?

These past 2 months, I have been lucky enough to have some of the best experiences with my friends and family.  Without the distraction of work, I have been able to fit so much in and most importantly, have the time to truly absorb and digest those moments, something I realise is not always possible.

I was going to list them, but somehow that seems to degrade them.  When it comes to memories, they are better in full, moving colour in my head – you will just have to trust me!

And tonight, a simple act of friendship, where my good friend agreed to help me dye my hair…from choosing the dye, and taking time out of her evening to make me dinner and apply the dye – making me feel so welcome on this seemingly random Monday evening – has made me feel a million dollars and once again reminded me, in perhaps one of the more subtle ways, just how lucky I truly am to have such good people in my life.

It’s like many layers of amazing moments have just been topped with a sweet cherry!

So tonight, I’m thanking my lucky stars, I’m savouring this moment and I’m keeping warm…

Thank you Autumn x

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