Yellow is DEAD

“Do one thing everyday that scares you”

Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Adulthood

    Welcome to Adulthood. I didn’t realise the gravity that not being able to drive truly held over me until I passed today. While I watched the majority of my friends pass at 17-18 years old; I failed – twice.  I then went to uni and after moved to London and it was not a priority. […]

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  • Sacrifices

    23 days into 2022 and how am I doing?  Not the best.  After the first week, I started to rate myself against the P’s of my New Year Resolutions and I was massively kind to myself.  Another week on and I started to feel the January Blues.  All coinciding with “Blue Monday” – a day […]

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  • Derailed – My Ps

    I went into last year with the motto: ‘Pro-active’.  And I chose ‘Pro-active’ specifically over positive as I felt that: 1) I’m never going to be a positive person.  I’m a glass half empty person and I’m cynical and being negative is my way of protecting myself – that’s not a mind-set that you can […]

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