The Best Medicine

It always come back to music.  It is the one and only thing that ‘captures’ me.  Captivates me.  Stops me in my tracks.  Derails my thoughts.  Stabilises me.

It’s like it envelops me and pulls me back down to earth.  And then immediately elevates me to new happier places.  Banishing the demons.

The best medicine.

“Sometimes, Music is the Only Medicine the Heart and Soul need”

Tonight my journey started as I flicked on the TV and found ‘The Masked Singer” was on – amazing show!  It was followed by “The Voice” and I was doing ok but I was lonely.  It took my friend messaging about a song she’s been trying to remember for months that drew me in.

My mood has instantly been lifted.  Even to the point that what I was writing has been derailed despite it not necessarily being negative. I felt that this was more important.  More poignant to seize.  More powerful to ‘bottle’ in the moment so that I can capture it’s positive energy. Maybe if I absorb the essence of this feeling, it will help me remember. Help heal me. 

My mantra is:

“And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends”

– Quote by “Penny Lane” aka Kate Hudson in the movie ‘Almost Famous’

This combined with “Hold on to whatever gets you through” and “Trust in the process” – all related to music in my case – you would think that I was the most sorted person.  I’m not.

After all this time, I still struggle to actually act when saying, hearing, seeing those words.

Hence why I wanted to take a moment to reflect in an effort to drum it into my brain that little bit more and I’m so pleased that I have.

It’s been ages since I’ve really written and even longer since I’ve posted but I think I’m ready to embrace it again and once again be more brave in sharing my thoughts and feelings.  Let it be the cathartic release it used to be again.  I need to put “Time in” so I can feel more at peace.  Work through the messy tangle in my mind.

But for right now I’m going to crank up the music and drown in it!!!!

(Currently listening to “Alive – Chase & Status” and fully recommend the album “Brand New Machine”)

P.S Happy New Year!!

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