Good, strong people : Reset Button

Following my wobble, I have been so lucky to experience the wisdom of some good, strong people who have managed to switch my reset button and set me back on track.


I honestly don’t really know how exactly, but following laughter & silliness with an old friend, a random encounter with a couple in the pub, time at home, some wine & TV with a new friend…something feels different.  More positive.  Less constraining.

It cleared the way for perspective to step in and helped me to see the bigger picture and re-align my thoughts and get in touch with reality.

It set me back to the time when I was strong.

I realise that most of my friends aren’t simply just ‘good’, but they are strong.  All in their own ways of course, but they exude an inner strength that I need around me – that I realise that for a while I wasn’t getting that from the person closest to me, he couldn’t give me the strength I need.

Their strength is inspiring but also infectious as it comes with compassion, openness and understanding.  They know themselves, who they are, what they want to be, what they will never be, what their limitations are, what they can achieve.  They are self-assured, but not arrogant.  They are in touch with their feelings and don’t hide or build walls – or if/when they do, they will tell you that’s the case.  No secrets.

I realise I want strength around me.  I want someone stronger than me to ground me, look after me, to be my pillar.  Not NEED.  I WANT.

The reason I chose the word ‘good’ was after watching the movie ‘Good people’. I realise that being good doesn’t mean that you never do bad things, it is all about intention and consideration of consequences.

It’s about morals.

If you don’t intend to hurt someone, but when having considered the consequences, you realise you must go forward, there is no other way to stop the hurt, then it’s ok.  Most good people are good at choosing the best course of action, are good at understanding emotions and people.

You can’t go through life never hurting anyone, but you can choose the way in which to hurt someone, meaning it lasts for the least amount of time.

You should treat people how you wish to be treated.

What’s even more exciting is that there are more of these good, strong people out there in the world and as one doors closes, another opens…


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