As I reach 3-months off coming all medication, my body & mind are slowly starting to settle.

There has however been a mix of emotions plaguing me as my mind learns to cope with the influx of pure, raw thoughts and feelings.

One of those that I didn’t expect is homesickness. For the first time in a long time I feel that I have a stable home. I’ve got a roof and a bed to call my own (as much as it can be right now!), the most wonderful partner to come home to and share my life with, I’m in London and I feel settled with my family.

This was a different kind of homesickness.

One that didn’t realise I had until I felt better. Until started to reach out & re-connect with people. Until after those interactions a sense of calm swept over me.

I was a longing for those I’ve known for a long time. People I grew up with. People who know me and still like me. People who have impacted my life.

It’s overwhelmed me how much communicating with old friends/family back into my life has grounded me.


Reminding me of me.

These people validate me.

In a world full of “new” where my mind has not yet been this free, I needed my anchors to feel comfort & belonging. To ground me.

This is a reminder to myself…

This is real.  Not a dream.  Not a holiday.  Real life.  Enjoy.

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